Monday, November 12, 2007

Visit to Arkansas

I (Patsy) got to go to Arkansas for ten days to stay with Rebecca and Allen and their new baby, Mollie. It was so much fun to see my grandkids and be able to help out. I mostly took care of Brigham all day while Truman was at school, which kept me so busy that coming home felt like a vacation! Poor Truman broke his arm the night before I left, but he was so tough about it that the nurses at the hospital didn't even think it was broken.

Here are the things I did the most while I was there:

10. Went to Wal-Mart (of course--how could I go without my Wally?)
9. Lined up cars with Brigham
8. Kept up with laundry
7. Put away Brigham's cars
6. Walked Truman to and from school every day, in the beautiful Arkansas Fall
5. Lined cars up some more
4. Fixed meals
3. Put cars away again
2. Cleaned house
1. Snuggled my newest grandbaby!


Hanna Terrill said...

Oh mother dearest, I love the new pics. I am so glad that you are a cyber nerd with us all. I am also so glad that you are home with your favorite daughter!

Roylance Rec. Center said... we love thee. You are the best
love ALi

Becca said...

This is the best post yet to your blog! :)

Thanks again, Mom! You're the best!

The Bunnell Fam said...

Mom- you look so beautiful in these pictures- You always look beautiful but your countenance is exceptional shiny and radiant! ( I know you were thinking of fond memories of your loveliest baby to snuggle -me I am sure!! Back then and now! HAHAHa)I am so glad you had a good trip and so glad that you got to see Mollie!

Love ya and miss you soooooooo much!

Katie Lee said...

Mom, you are soooo beautiful! I can't wait until I have kids and you spoil them rotten like the rest of the grandkids. They will have the best grandmother in the world!