Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Joys Of Home Teaching.......

Each month we have the privilege of going Home teaching to some really neat families. We get to hear stories, share a message and on special occasions we get to do service projects such as, raking leaves, giving blessings... and with all of the snow this year we have had the opportunity to shovel some walks and roofs. Both Eli & Everett lent a hand. Everett even slid halfway off the roof a few times. I stayed on the ground on my hind legs & directed roof traffic and chipped ice with our ice wedge and pried ice of the hips and valleys. We got some huge chunks of ice off and had fun w/service.The warmth you get doesn't just come from physical exertion! Here are a few pictures of our most recent service project!


The Bunnell Fam said...

Dad I like that you are starting to update more often! You are so kind to those you Home Teach and have always set such a good, faithful example of going every month! I think that is rare anymore to find!

Love and miss ya

P.S. It was in the 60's today!!! HAHAHA!

Roylance Rec. Center said...

Daddy, Looks like fun. I have loved ALL this snow, it reminds me of being a child and going sledding with you and all the fun we had as kids. Thanks for your constant example. We love and Miss you.
Love ALi and Family

Tammy said...

Hey Mom,
I know that I am not actually your daughter, however I love those dresses you made for Joey and Lily! Boy my little girl would sure look cute in one of those!!! hint hint. I was not sure where to leave this message so I just picked one. How are you all anyway? Love you Tammy

Katie Lee said...

everett & Eli & Dad, you really are great examples to us of showing service. You make me want to do better at visiting teaching, not just go and give a lesson, but to go the extra mile.