Thursday, February 28, 2008

Patriarchal Blessings

We (Dad, Mom, Everett, and Chris) had the privilege of going with Eli when he received his patriarchal blessing last Tuesday. Pres.Guthrie is still going strong! Alison was the first girl to receive a blessing at his hand... and Eli has now brought the number to 724 blessings given and received by his hand under the influence of the Spirit! Awesome. Eli received some very special blessings that perhaps he might share more with close family.He was told that he would serve missions (plural) and that he would be blessed with the ability to explain gospel truths using scripture simply and convincingly. He was also promised that if faithful he would lead quorums,congregations, and many congregations. Pres. Guthrie also shared some insightful remarks with Everett. The Spirit was close and the Lords influence was unrestrained. It was an enjoyable and remarkable evening!
It was evident again that the Lord leads, directs, and inspires his chosen servants!


Roylance Rec. Center said...

Congrads Eli. It is not surprizing to me that it was an amazing blessing. I love you so much and pray you stay strong and recieve ALL the blessing that the Lord fortold. I love you
Love Ali

Becca said...

Eli, we're so happy for you--read your blessing all the time! Thanks for writing these things down, Dad!

Grandpa Coon said...

I am very Pleased eli by the Patriarchal Blessing . I Testify that these Blessing will come to the Truth

Granpa Coon